Top 10 Funny Best Friends Quotes And Sayings

Top 10 Funny Best Friends Quotes And Sayings

Living life with your best friends is real fun. Although sometimes it looks weird and awkward but best friends make us laugh even on awful things. That’s the beauty of friendship. They do stupid things, make silly faces and say stupid things which brings smile on our faces.

So today, to pay salute to all best friends, i have listed here top 10 funny best friends quotes. You can share them with your best friends. Enjoy!

Top 10 Funny Best Friends Quotes

funny best friends quotes and sayings
Funny Best Friends Quotes

10.  Best friends loan out DVDs knowing that they’ll never be seen again.

9.  A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. – Bernard Meltzer

8.  Good friends offer a shoulder when you need to cry. Best friends are there with a shovel to beat up who made you cry.

7.  Best Friends don’t let you do stupid things . . . alone !

6.  There are two kinds of friends in the world: the ones who help you up when you’ve passed out in a bar and call a cab and the ones that take ‘funny’ pictures of you.

5.  A true friend stabs you in the front. – Oscar Wilde

4.  You can’t be best friends without insulting each other constantly.

3.  An good friend will help you move. But best friend will help you move a dead body. – Jim Hayes

2.  Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,”What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S Lewis

1.  When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. But a best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun!” – Groucho Marx

Some Extra Funny Friends Quotes;

  • Friends hide a smile and help you up when you fall, but best friends laugh so hard that they fall also.
  • Friend: Can you please excuse me.
    Best Friend: Move out of my way bitch!
  • A good friend can complete your sentence. A best friend will do the same but make it sound 10 times dirties in process.
  • Friends buy you lunch. Best friends eat your lunch.
  • I insult my best friend all the time but if you do it, i’ll kick your butt.
  • Fake friends never ask for food. Best friends are the reason why you don’t have food.

Which one is your favorite?

If you know about any other funny quote on best friends, please share it in your comment.

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  1. LOL 😀
    ‘Damn that was fun’. Funny quotes but it also shows the reality. Friends are just great. Hate fake friends

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