Top 10 Richest People of Pakistan 2013

Top 10 Richest People of Pakistan 2013

Every country has strong skilled people who develop country with their experience and skill. These people run lots of company and business empires and have heaps of wealth. Like many other countries Pakistan also has billionaires who are working for its prosperity and development. Today, we brings the list of top 10 wealthiest people of Pakistan.

Top 10 Richest People of Pakistan are following:-

10. Tariq Saigol

Tariq Saigol - 10th richest man in Pakistan
Tariq Saigol

Tariq Saigol is a notable businessman in Pakistan. He runs Sahgal Group and Kohinoor-Maple group. He  belongs to one of the richest families of Pakistan and his wealth is inherited.

Source of Income: Kohinoor Textile Mills, Sahgal Group

Net Worth: $850 Million

9. Rafiq Habib

Rafiq Habib
Rafiq Habib

Rafiq Habib is a top investor and business and belongs to Habib Family, one of the most influential and richest families of Pakistan. He runs House of Habib with his brother Rasheed Habib which invest in various industries such as banking, construction, automobile manufacturing and retail.

Source of Income: Bank Al-Habib, House of Habib

Net Worth: $900 Million

8. Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob


Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob
Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob

Abdul R. Yaqoob is a Pakistani media tycoon and businessman who own ARY Group. He also has properties in many cities including Islamabad, Karachi and Dubai and run more than 40 outlets which deals in gold.

Source of Income: ARY Group

Net Worth: $1 Billion

7. Nasir Schon

Nasir Schon
Nasir Schon

Nasir Schon is CEO of Schon Group which owns Pak-China Fertizilers, Schon Bank, Schon Textiles and several other empires. He lives in Dubai, UAE where he is currently working on a $830-million worth project.

Source of Income: Schon Group

Net Worth: $1 Billion

6. Saddaruddin Hashwani


Saddaruddin Hashwani
Saddaruddin Hashwani

Saddaruddin Hashwani is Pakistan industrialist and investor. He ranked 6th on our list of top 10 richest persons of Pakistan  He is chairman of Hasho Group, one of the leading industrial group of Pakistan. Hasho Group has share in Marriott and Pearl Continental Hotels which are Pakistan’s most luxurious hotels.

Source of Income: Hasho Gorup, Merriott Hotel and Pearl Continental Hotel

Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

5. Mian Nawaz Sharif

Mian Nawaz Sharif
Mian Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif is prominent Pakistani political leader, investor and businessman. He is President of Pakistan Muslin League-N(PML-N). He is one of the richest industrialists of Pakistan and owns Unit Group, Sharif Group and Itefaq Group which are main sources of his wealth.

Source of Income: Itefaq Group, Sharif Group, Unit Group

Net Worth: $1.4 Billion

4. Sir Anwar Pervaiz

Sir Anwar Pervaiz
Sir Anwar Pervaiz

Sir Anwar Pervaiz is a Pakistani-born British businessman and investor. He is founder of Bestway Group, the second largest Cash & Carry operator in UK.

Source of Income: Bestway Group, UBL

Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

3. Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari
Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari is present President of Pakistan and is co-chairman of the prominent Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP). His wealth is inherited as his father was Hakim Ali Zardari was a prominent figure of his tribe and landowner. He was named the 2nd richest man in Pakistan by Daily Pakistan in 2005.

Source of Income: Politics, Investment and Real estate

Net Worth: $1.8 Billion

2. Mian Muhammad Mansha

Mian Muhammad Mansha
Mian Muhammad Mansha

Main Muhammad Mansha is a world-famous Pakistani business magnate and billionaire. He is CEO and chainman of MCB and Nishat Group. M. Mansha was officially declared the richest person of Pakistan. He was the only man of Pakistan ever featured in Forbes billionaires list. In 2010, he was 937th richest person in the world.

Source of Income: Muslim Commercial Bank, Nishat Group, Adamjee Group

Net Worth: $2.5 Billion

1. Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan - The richest man of Pakistan
Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan is a Pakistani-born business tycoon currently living in USA. He is the richest man of Pakistan with net worth of about $2.5 billion. He was featured in Forbes and was ranked 491st in Forbes list of world’s wealthiest people.

He is a self-made billionaire as he belonged to a middle-class Lahori family. He went to USA at the age of 16 for getting education. Later he started working in an automotive company, and then after a few year of work and experience, he founded  Bumper Works and bought Flex-n-Gate which turned him into a billionaire.

Source of Income: Jacksonville Jaguars in NFL and Flex-N-Gate Corp.

Net Worth: $2.5 Billion


  1. what these richest men in pakistan are doing for pakistan…. atleast malick riaz has annouced some projects for his country. all others are only loooooooting

  2. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak…For those in need you should come in help…Where ever you send your zakat Allah will accept. In this Holy month of Ramadan I would like to address Help inquiry to all rich people in the world ,particularly in Pakistan…I am Ousmane from Africa.

    And thanks Arslan Shoukat to transmit my inquiry ,God bless you !

      • HI everyone, I just wanna say that the true richest men of Pak are those who have nothing to do with the Pakistan or its Govt and politicians. All these people except for three, are involve in embezzlement of Pak taxes, properties, custom duties, buying Govt assets whit the help of the bureaucracy and ministers on trough away prices and also giving them their shares, making them Kings. These ppl act like front man for them. They don’t leave smallest to largest investment in any field no matter it imports of cars, medicines, paper, wood, fertilizers, seeds, drugs used in making med, cements, sugar, vegetables, hundi, smuggling, women smuggling to Arab countries, protecting business men who are producing haram and illegal items like makeup, harm meet, sausages skins from dogs and donkeys intestines, they even protect terrorists, dacoits ect, they Govt makes with the other countries or within the country like making infrastructure, dams, schools, hospitals, lol even controlling the drinking water in Karachi, in fact the list is too long, beyond imagination and cannot be mention her.
        People who should be respected and admired are (1) Sir Anwar Pervaiz (2) Mr. ARY (3) Shahid Khan. They were lucky, yes they did hard work indeed but it was written in their fate. Because they are billions of people who work hard and struggled, many of them are those who didn’t need to start from the scratch because of their inheritance and had good education but they couldn’t do well. When one is lucky, soil become gold with his touch and wealth rush towards him.
        Izzat and zilat is entirely in Allah’s hands and it has nothing to do with the wealth because Zardai, Nawaz, Mansha are not respected in Pak. Yes Edhi, Molana Jameel who are not wealthy but are respected in the whole world.
        So Guys try your luck and earn Izzat it’s the biggest wealth you can get and may be Allah become happy your sabat kadmi and grant you wealth as well.

  3. some personality that was rich by own his ancestor but i like and impress some special personality like Main Mansha and Shahid khan that are realy gr8 person

  4. Pakistan spent on charity in the name of Benazir income support programme over 700 Billion or almost 8 billion dollars in five years, The money could have been utilised to have Metro sysytem in Karachi Lahore Islamabad and we could have three buildings of the size of Burj Khalifa and have over 1 million people employed. The priorities need to be corrected.

    • you need to know sir “700 billion is a lot of money” even our whole nation can depend on it and we all can survive 115 years or some more with that money …..
      After all you are saying that benazir income support distributed that much money on this, sir you need a lot of knowledge to gain.

  5. Don’t look the man internally or externally only look the efforts he made to reach the position what he only the God who choses big person. So don’t need to be jealous.

  6. Perhaps the more imoprtant thing is to create an investment environmnet in Pakistan in the absence of which investers world wide are reluctant to invest in Pak. I am pretty sure, among these top 10s, there can be one person willing to invest but lack of infrastructure and investers support, no one will dare to. Consider the case of UAE where thousands of investers are investing for they know that there is security, peace and lam n order restricting crimes and scams….so you know these things mean a lot !

  7. myn Allha sy dua gho hu k Allha in ko or dy or ham sab ko b ata kr ameeeen suma ameen

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


  8. What if all these rich people bring their only 25% of their wealth and invest in Pakistan, these 10 people can change the entire scene…

    • Very well said. Definately if they invest just 25% of their wealth on development of Pakistan, there will be great development and progress. Pakistani economy will grow and yeah, that’ll be great.

      • no the reality is if they invested 10% then govrment in efficency corrouption and beaurocracy would mean they lose it all. in order for people to invest there has to be systems laws to protect investors

  9. I admire all these guys , but i feel ashamed ( Lanat hai ) on those who were our politicians also in this list. now we will have to admit these are snakes not reals.

  10. What good is it they billionaires they love life how true Muslims love death,they don’t do anything for Pakistan the richer u are the greedier u are

  11. Actually, Zardari and Nawaz should not be in this list. They became so rich by illegal means. As for the rest, good on them.

  12. I am inspired by Shahid Khan because He is a self-made billionaire as he belonged to a middle-class family and not inherited.



  15. Thanks for this information,
    It is very sad , It can’t be from fair or halal income. Pakistani awams are getting poor and poor everyday and look at them? if they pay tax or zakat ? how much cash will go to needy. Main thing is they have no shame.

  16. ye sara paisa yahan per hi reh jana hai is liye mere payare bhaiyoun akhrat ki fikar karo is paise se hum jannat nahi khareed sakte.

  17. mera aek swal he tm sb se khte hen k dollat qismat se milti he nahi asal bat ye he k tm kuch krna nahi chahte ho or sub kuch qismat or taqder p chor dete ho. aek bat yad rakho agarche her shaks apne sath achi ya buri takder le k ata he mgr haqeeqat ye he k insan apni taqdeer khud likhta he. or rha swal kamyab hone ka to tmhara kam he koshish krna q k koshish se hi tm apni taqdeer bdlte ho. jahan tk dolat kmane ki bat he to wo halal zarae se hasil kro or lalchi mt bno. dolat aek taqat he mgr kash k ye amer log is taqat ka sahi istimal b seekh jaeyn

  18. you done well for ur self shahid khan prod of you man keep it up and inshallah u will becom world richest man soon

    • hamaray mulk Pakistan ki kismat k yahaan 1sanama per tickets sale karnay walay ka haraami bacha 3number ka ameer tereen sakhs bann gaya imran sulemani

  19. Hard work is bull shit.. You just need to think smart and think nothing else but to multiply your money and utilize other people to do the work for you. A lone hard worker will never get too far unless his own talent is the product itself

  20. Don’t know anything abt Shahid Khan. Mian M. Mansha was richest Pakistani. Zardari will top the list next time because he’ll be free and may be then he show his assets.

  21. Haha. Zardari is third richest person in Pakistan. 😀
    This is not true. Zardari BC is the richest person in Pakistan because he hasn’t shown his assets yet.

        • But should’nt Sir Anwar Parvaiz and Mr Shahid Khan not be included amongst pakistan’s top richest people since they both no more live in Pakistan. They are both currently categorised as U.S and British citizens. Not sure if they will make the top 100 in their respective countries. Anyway, a very commendable achievement for these individuals.

          • The main thing is there routes are from Pakistan, they will be never seen as brittish or American citizens, and by the looks of it mr hoosen you don’t even consider them as Pakistanis, let’s not jump the gun buddy! We’ll done to all everyone will have there hearing Allah is watching!

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